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flex travel If you choose our Flex Travel packages, you are not only guaranteed the best market prices, but also the most flexible terms when it comes to different tour options, departure dates and you can design your tour as desired. Flex Travel is a basic tour package including flight, carry-on- luggage, hotel BB or HB. Additional services such as check-in luggage, half or full board, car rentals, concert, guided tours, etc. are optional and can be added as desired.

Enjoy our Sun Travel Tours to Costa Brava, Costa Blanca, Costa del Sol, Algarve, Sicily, Malta, and Greece and much more. We offer only 4 * hotels / resorts BB or HB and with a perfect location at the very sea-side and at very favorable rates. Additional services: Check-in luggage, hotel transfer, car rentals, excursions, sea cruises, etc. Travel Period: Spring, Summer and Autumn. To southern Spain all year round.

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Try our exciting city tours and enjoy an extended weekend stay in the great cities of Europe such as Rome, Florence, Venice, Barcelona, Madrid and Lisbon or Nordic capitals such as Riga, Tallinn or Oslo in high class 4 * hotels BB. Additional services: Check-in luggage, transfer, City cards, guided tours, events, concerts and opera etc. Travel periods: Spring, Autumn and Winter.

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Try out beautiful villas in Italy, Spain or the Baltic sea coast, including flight and a nice rental car waiting for you in the airport The perfect solution for families and smaller groups. All Villas provide private kitchens, gardens and balconies and many offers a private pool as well. Additional services: Check-in lugage, guided tours, wine tasting and gastronomy events, concerts and operas etc. Travel Periods: Spring, Summer and Autumn.

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Looking for extravaganza and high-end vacation at favorable rates? Try out our 5 * spa & beach resorts in Southern Europe or castles and manor houses in Scandinavia and the Baltic region. packages Luxury breaks always include luxurious and spacious rooms with private Balcony BB, and access to Spa and golf. Additional services: Check-in luggage, transfer, car rental, spa treatments, green fees and golf equipment rental, HB or FB. Travel periods: All year.

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Guided travel With Guided Travel, everything is arranged for you, you have your personal tour leader, private transfer and programmed tours and happenings. Choose between our “Classico” tours to Southern Europe or “Explorer” tours to the wild and remote areas of Northern Europe.

Experience Northern landscapes and culture at Its best; Try our very popular round trips through the Baltic countries, high-lights of Iceland, round tour in the Faroe Islands or the highlands and Isles of Scotland including whiskey tasting. Additional services: Check-in luggage, extra meals Travel Period: Spring, Summer and Autumn.

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Experience some of Europe's most beautiful regions and book our guided tours to Northern and Central Italy with focus on wine and gastronomy tasting, breathtaking landscapes, medieval villages, opera festivals in Tuscany, lagoon sea-cruise in Venice and much more… Additional services: Check-in luggage and excursions. Travel Period: Spring, Summer and Autumn.

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Group tours Whether you are a private group of family and good friends, a school or you are an organisation or company, we offer professional and customized group tours to most European and Scandinavian destinations to smaller and larger groups between 10-100 people.
As a group we can offer you the best possible prices and meet the specific needs of your group. You simply have to fill in our simple form and you will receive the best possible offer within a week.

Private groups, associations and organizations

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about us

GG Tours ApS is a travel agency with Copenhagen and European roots. We design and provide travel tours for singles, couples, families and customize special tours for groups and companies.
Our primary travel destinations are the Nordic countries, Europe and the United States. We are specialized in high-end 4 and 5 * hotels and resorts and offer some of the best market rates. Most of our resorts and tours are not offered by other agencies in Denmark and Scandinavia.

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