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Practical info

Applicable only in addition to GG Tours Terms of Use, and do not replace these)

Travel booking:

Booking GG tours products can be submitted through our website, through sending an email to or by phone at tel. +45 26 24 49 35. Some of our products can also be ordered through deal partners like Spotdeal, Sweetdeal, Takeoffer and

If you book online, there is no extra charge except from credit card fees on 1,5 to 2,5%. If you order through one of our employees, an additional fee of DKK 30 per person will be charged pr. person + credit card fees. Payment can be carried out by credit card or by bank transfer. You can pay by Visa-Dankort or Mastercard on all tours offered. When you book your tour online you just select the preferred way of payment.

Product prices:

All prices offered are based on today’s airfares, which can change daily. GG Tours reserves the right to adjust prices on all travel products daily. However, as a client you are always guaranteed the price listed online when you carry out your booking.

When booking as group, (minimum 10 people), you must fill in a designated contact form must and will receive a quote on email – see link ………

After you have received your first order confirmation, you will receive log-in information to your personal GG Tours account and the rights to purchase additional services an order new products.

Your personal account at GG Tours

Once your personal account has been created, all booking information and travel documents will be uploaded in this account only and no later than 14 days before Your departure date. However, if your booking has been submitted 3 weeks or less before departure date Your documents will be uploaded one week to one day before departure.

As a GG Tours client, you can make any additional purchase and some simple changes to existing orders as well as submitting new orders. After Your order has been confirmed changes in travel periods or traveler names cannot be submitted online, but must be carried out by a GG Tours employee at additional costs.

GG Tours products purchased through deal sites;

If you have ordered GG Tours products through our deal partners, you must sign up for a GG Tours account and fill in requested information within 48 hours via the link listed on the deal-site. Only when you have signed up and we have received all contact information you are to be considered as a GG Tours client. Without this information, we cannot book flights, hotels etc. We reserve the right to charge additional cost in case you have not signed up before the deal offer expires.

Travel documents:

It is of great importance that all personal information we receive from you is correct and in full accordance to all travelers’ passport registrations. GG Tours bare no responsibility for incorrectly entered personal information. Most airlines demand additional charge if they discover significant errors on tickets issued. In some cases, new tickets must be issued at full expense. Any extra expense in this regard will be fully charged the client.

When purchasing products including flights, you cannot cancel your order after order submission and receive any kind of refund. In the event you would like to make changes to the order such as name change, period change, etc., it can be carried out at additional costs estimated as the daily flight price when requested + an additional fee of min. DKK 250 per person.

Travel documents look very different from airline to airline, some airlines issue an e-ticket and some only issues an itinerary or receipt. Physical tickets or e-tickets are no longer required. All you need on your travel document is the flight booking number, names of all travelers and travel schedule. In case this information is not listed on your documents please contact GG Tours immediately

Luggage and check-in:

If you need extra check-in luggage, we always recommend you order it on the initial booking. Price for extra luggage may increase after the flight ticket has been issued. Prices on extra luggage will be indicated additionally on each travel product we offer. Please pay attention to that airlines all have different standards for carry-on- and checked-in luggage in terms of weight, measures etc. Before you travel you must carefully check the terms and rules for the airline in question. GG Tours cannot be held liable for any breach of airline rules and terms.

When you purchase a travel product through GG Tours, except from group tours, you must check-in yourself. The process is described in your final document description. Some airlines require online check-in and can demand high extra charges in case you show up without printed  boarding cards.  GG Tours provide check-in service at a cost on DKK 50 pr. person outbound and 50 DKK inbound.

Some airlines have no online check-in requirements, and you simply meet up and check-in via check-in terminals or check-in counters in the airport using your booking number and passport.

Purchase of additional services, excursions, dinning and wining, transfers, car rentals etc.

All GG Tours products, whether you choose Flex Travel or Guided Travel, you can always order additional services to your travel product.

We recommend purchasing additional services when or short after you submit your order.

Prices on additional services may increase and some such as concerts and events may be sold out if wait to close to the tour departure date.

When you book your tour, you have following additional purchase options.

Additional flight products:

– Extra luggage for check-in
– Seat reservations, / extra legroom, priority boarding etc.

Additional hotel products such as:

–  Room upgrade
– Half or full board

Hotel transfer or rental cars during:

– Shuttle transfer or taxi to your hotel and return
–  Rent a car during your whole stay

Nb. Only possible on Flex Travel (transfer is always included in Guided Travel Tours )

Events and concerts:

– Various excursions
– City Cards incl. public transport and access to museums.
– Concert and opera tickets and the like.

N.B. Excursions and concerts are often included in our Guided Travel packages, additional excursions and concerts are optional.

Description and prices for each additional service is listed when you book your tour. You also have the option to order after you have booked your tour.


GG Tours cooperates with Gouda insurance company and we offer cancellations as well as travel insurances.

Cancellation insurance:

When you take out a Gouda Cancellation Insurance, you are covered in case you need to cancel your trip due to illness or other events in your closest family preventing you from travelling. By taking out a cancellation insurance, you can avoid any financial loss, Gouda cover all and reimburses all the costs you had when purchasing the travel product. A cancellation insurance must be taking out immediately after you have ordered your travel product. Please note that when booking a travel product including flight transfer you have no refund options. We therefore always recommend to take out a cancellation insurance,

Travel insurance:

It is strongly recommendable to travel with a travel insurance. Since the Danish yellow health insurance card has terminated, the public travel health insurance is not without consequences for Danish travelers who can end up with huge bills, if they do take out a travel insurance. For more information, see:

GG Tours have an agent agreement with Gouda Travel Insurance. The travel insurance has its own alarm center working 24/7. At Gouda, you also gain access to a 24-hour medical service providing information and assistance on medicine and medical treatment matters. By taking out a travel insurance, you and your family are fully secured during your full stays abroad. The travel insurance is valid for one year starting from the day of departure and covers all of EU and ESTA countries.

The travel insurance from Gouda provides you with:

– Medical treatment, medicine, hospital stay and patient transport
– Help from Danish doctors, nurses and emergency psychologists
– 24 hours emergency center and medical service with guidelines for medicine and treatments
– Patient transport to Denmark in case of acute illness with relatives
– Financial compensation for lost vacation days

The annual travel insurance can be taking out to cover you as an individual and the entire household including children under the age of 18 are fully covered no matter if they are part of your household or not. Your stay abroad must not exceed 30 days.

GG Tours cannot be held liable for any accidents, injuries, illness, lost luggage, thefts etc. that might occur during Your stay. Therefore, we always recommend you to take out a travel insurance.

Car rentals:

Car rental is a great option when you travel on Flex Travel. We are partner with Rentalcars, ensuring you the best market prices, favorable terms and modern cars. You can book a car under most of our Flex Travel products.

When you rent a car, we always provide you with a car rental lease agreement and a term description you must bring along with a valid ID. Read the material you receive from GG Tours thoroughly. The car rental company may reject your agreement, if you do not comply with the terms outlined in the rental agreement, such as ID documentation, valid credit cards, etc. GG Tours ApS cannot be held liable for any additional costs that may occur if these terms are not meet by the client.

We always recommend you to take out a full car protection insurance when renting a car. This is the safest way to avoid any extra expense that might occur if any damage is inflicted to the car. You can order the car protection insurance through GG Tours. When picking up and returning your vehicle we strongly recommend you, to pay attention to any defects spotted on the vehicle or inconsistencies in regards to the rental agreement. When picking up the car, you must sign a final document on-site additionally to the rental agreement entered. It is important that you read this document carefully before signing up. This document is just as legally binding as the rental agreement entered. GG Tours ApS cannot be held liable for any additional costs that may occur due to conflicts in relation to the additional document.

Order confirmation and final documents.

When you receive your order confirmation, it is important to check that all information is correctly listed, such as names, travel period and destination etc.  Approximately 2 weeks prior departure date you will receive all travel documents on your personal account. However, if your booking has been summitted less than 4 weeks prior to departure date, travel documents will only be available 1-7 days prior to departure. All travel information and documents are up-loaded in your personal GG Tours online account and you must make sure to print and bring along all relevant documents on the journey.

Travel documents:

When you submit your booking. it is very important that all personal information is listed correctly and in full compliance with the traveler’s passport registration. GG Tours bare no responsibility for incorrectly entered personal data. Changes to issued tickets are fully on the expense of the client. If you travel with children up to 15 years, date of birth must always be listed

When booking a tour including flight, the booking in non- refundable. If you wish to change name or periods on an existing order, additional price will be charged based on the daily prices when requested. Additionally, GG Tours always charge an extra fee on min. DKK 250 pr. person.

Present day’s flight tickets differ from airline to airline, some airlines issue an e-ticket and some an Itinerary or a travel receipt. Physical tickets are no longer necessary. On travel documents, Issued by GG Tours you will always find a unique reservations / booking number for check-in, names of travelers and the travel plan. In the event of any missing information, please contact GG Tours immediately.

During Your stay:

Even though 99% of all tours proceed as planned, emerging situations may arise that may affect your journey, such as minor flight changes, but also more serious events such as strikes, natural disasters, acts of war or terrorism.

GG Tours will always keep you informed if any external events may affect your planned schedule. In the event of cancellations due to strikes, natural disasters, etc.  you must always meet up in the airport unless stated otherwise. If not, you may not be entitled to change your travel plan without extra payment or receive any refund.


GG Tours will always inform about transfer options from the airport and return. In our Guided Travel packages and for groups and businesses, transfers are usually included. In our Flex Travel packages, we provide additional transfer services such as shuttle transfers and car rentals – please note offers and prices are listed on each Flex Travel products.


If you arrive at your destination and find conditions not corresponding to your booking, please contact GG Tours immediately so we can fix it on-site. We cannot meet any claims after the tour has been terminated.

Cancellation / Changes / Cancellation of purchased product:

In the event of cancellation submitted by the client the general rules of the Sales of good Act apply when the booking was submitted, however this only applies to products without air transfer included. Travel products with flight included are non-refundable and GG Tours cannot refund or reimburse any payments on bookings including air transfer or additional amended services related to this booking.

Product / program changes or cancellations caused by GG Tours ApS

In the event GG Tours ApS must amend major changes to a booking, GG Tours must first inform and seek acceptance from the client shortly after the booking has been submitted. If the change significantly affects the value of the product, GG Tours is obligated to find a product of equivalent value and form or refund an amount equal to the value decrease of the product or submit a full refund.

Group cancellation:

GG Tours is entitled to cancel group tours at any time if GG Tours assess that the tour cannot be carried due to insufficient number of participants or the tour is simply not economically sustainable.  In such events, GG Tours shall refund the full amount to the client or offer a similar arrangement which must accepted by the clients. GG Tours must inform the client in good time.

Complications caused by third parties:

GG tours cannot be held liable for any delays caused by third parties, including flight delays, traffic congestions, delays at border crossings, technical problems with buses, ferries, trains and the like – in such events rules and conditions set out by the EU shall apply – read here: –

The clients must always check out rules for each airline and transfer company.

Likewise, GG Tours shall not be liable for cancellations of concerts / operas and the like due to performer illness, bad weather conditions during outdoor concerts etc.

For more general information about our terms, we refer to our Terms of Use Agreement.