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Terms of use


1.1 These terms and conditions apply to you as a Client (hereinafter referred to as “the Client”) and GG Tours ApS (hereinafter referred to as “GG Tours ApS ApS”) for all travel products and travel services purchased through GG Tours ApS’ website , through any GG Tours ApS employee and/or GG Tours ApS’ approved sales partners.

1.2 Terms and conditions are valid from 10 February 2017 and apply to all GG Tours ApS’ products unless a supplementary written agreement has been conducted between the Client and GG Tours ApS.

1.3 GG Tours ApS reserves the right to update and change the terms and conditions. The Terms and conditions are thus always valid from the date of order payment.

Valid updated terms and conditions can always be downloaded from GG Tours ApS’ website,


2.1 The Client may choose to pay by debit or credit card or by bank transfer. We accept Visa-Dankort, Visa International. and Mastercard. When paying by credit card, the full amount of the travel product will be withdrawn from the Client’s card instantly after the purchase has taking place.

GG Tours ApS reserves the right to add supplementary card fees on all orders paid through credit cards. The fees can vary between 1,5- 3% of the total order price and are based on a fee commission GG Tours ApS must pay to the credit card issuer.

The Client may also choose to pay by invoice through online banking without supplementary fees. When ordering through bank transfer, the Client automatically receives an invoice due to payment within 48 hours after the Client’s receipt of invoice. If the order due balance is not received within 5 days after the order has been committed, the order will be cancelled.

For early orders, more than 3 months prior to the date of departure, for group tours (min. 10 Pax) or if the total order amount exceeds DKK 20.000,- , the Client may choose to pay a deposit at a fixed rate of 30% of the total order amount. The remaining due balance, corresponding to 70% must be transferred to GG Tours ApS’ bank account no later than 6 weeks before departure. Terms of payment, will always be specified on the Client’s order confirmation.

2.2 The total order price as well as sub totals for each product and fees will be specified on all order confirmations. Taxes to most destinations are included in the price, however additional city tax in some European and American cities may occur. In such cases, the Client will be informed accordingly. Any additional City tax always must be settled additionally by the Client on the specific destination.

All prices are quoted in Danish kroner. GG Tours ApS reserves the right to adjust online prices on a day to day basis, the order price is always valid at the time of purchase.

2.3 After the Client has received an order confirmation, GG Tours ApS cannot change the agreed price unless major macro-economic changes can affect the pricing significantly, such as extreme increases in fuel prices, taxes and/or major currency changes. However, GG Tours ApS is not entitled to raise the price with more than 10% of the total order price and is obliged to inform the Client accordingly at least one week prior to commencement of the tour. In case the Client does not accept the price raise, GG Tours ApS is entitled to cancel the tour and all additional services and refund the Client without any further claims.

2.4 GG Tours ApS reserves the right to take all reservations when it comes to information typos, obvious errors and mistakes (including misprints) are not binding, such as significantly incorrect listed prices, wrongly listed travel periods or destinations and under such circumstances, GG Tours ApS can terminate the order and reimburse the Client’s payment or offer a new product. The Client must be informed accordingly no later than 7 days after the order has been submitted by the Client.


3.1 Children and adolescents under 18 years of age are not authorized to sign any legal agreement, and therefore cannot order any travel products on

When ordering at, the Client must always confirm he/she is an adult.

3.2 Travel products offered by GG Tours ApS must be ordered through GG Tours ApS’ website,, by phone or written request to GG Tours ApS or GG Tours ApS’ approved sales partners. Upon confirmed order payment to GG Tours ApS, it is considered a binding agreement between GG Tours ApS and the Client.

3.3 Upon order payment, the name of the Client and the cardholder must be identical. In case of credit card fraud, claims will be taking against the order taker on any outstanding balance. In case of fraudulent suspicion, GG Tours ApS reserves the right to suspend any purchase until it is thoroughly investigated.

3.4 Upon and/or after the Client has ordered a tour or any other additional travel service offered on or through deals sites and sales partners, GG Tours ApS will request the Client to disclose some personal required information allowing GG Tours ApS to book all necessary flights, car rentals, hotels etc. Personal sensitive information is not stored in GG Tours ApS’ data bases and only used for the specific order in question. All personal information will be listed in the order confirmation forwarded to the Client’s e-mail immediately after an order has been submitted. The Client always has the right to gain insight knowledge of what information is registered and what it’s being used for in accordance with the EU Directive – 95/46/EF Data Protection Directive.

3.5 After an order has been submitted, the Client automatically receives an order confirmation by e-mail, with a full summary of the purchase displayed including prices and product descriptions, tour information. Furthermore, the Client receives instructive information about the subsequent process as well as unique order ID.

3.6 All Clients ordering through GG Tours ApS automatically receive a unique password with access to their own Client account. All travel documents and tour info will be uploaded and stored on this account.

3.7 Through this account the Client can submit new orders, add additional products and submit simple adjustments to existing orders. Changes on travel periods and traveller names, products etc. cannot be carried out by the Clients but must be accepted and carried out by a GG Tours ApS employee. The Client can expect additional costs accordingly to any order change.

3.8 GG Tours ApS is not obliged to accept significant changes to an existing order, but will always try to help out the Client the best possible way – read more under section. 7.0

3.9 Upon submitting an order, The Client accepts to receive news and information relevant to the submitted order and tour in question.


4.1 Approved GG Tours ApS Sales partners are as follows,,, and When a Client orders his GG Tours ApS travel product through a deal-site the basic product has already been paid for and the same terms and conditions as a GG Tour ApS Client shall apply to a deal Client.

However, when ordering through a deal-site the Client must within 48 hours after the order has been confirmed by the deal-site submit all order information through a GG Tours ApS link specifically provided for the deal Clients. After submitting all data, the Client is now registered and can subsequently add additional travel services which were not included in the deal offer.

In the event the Client fails to submit the necessary information within a reasonable period of time and thus preventing GG Tours ApS to carry out all the necessary flight and hotel bookings any extra cost as a result of raise in flight prices, hotel bookings etc. will be at the expense of the Client.

4.2 Terms of cancellation are subject to the same rules as referred to in section. 7. If the Client wishes to change his/her product to another GG Tours ApS product or transfer/re-sell to a third party the advertising expense GG Tours has paid to the Deal-site (typically 15%) will be deducted from the product value.


5.1 The Client is the order taker who submitted an order. The Client is the only person who can make changes or cancel this order.

5.2 The Client will not receive any physical tickets. All travel documents and information are updated on the Client’s personal GG Tours ApS account – read more under sections.3.6 and 3.7. Upon ordering the Client will receive information and guide-lines on when the Client can expect to receive travel documents and how to use the account.

5.3 It is the Client’s full responsibility to check that all travel vouchers, documents and information have been received accordingly to instructions and guide lines laid out by GG Tours ApS and to make sure that all bookings are corresponding to the order originally submitted by the Client. It is also the Client’s responsibility to check all travel documents, travel vouchers and information for errors, spelling mistakes on names etc. In the event of faults or errors, the Client must contact GG Tours ApS immediately after such an error has been detected. Incorrectly reported information made by the Client, which requires changes to flight documents or other significant travel documents., will as a rule result in additional costs at the expense of the Client.

5.4 Most check-in at airports commence 2.5 hours before the flight, and terminates 1 hour before the flight departure. However, this may vary from airport to airport and departure to departure. GG Tours ApS recommends that the Client always keep updated and informed about the terms relevant for the specific departure in question. If the Client does not show up in time to check-in at the airport, the Client is responsible for obtaining a new ticket at his own expense. GG Tours ApS cannot be held liable for any additional costs that may arise in this regard. Please note that airlines have different check-in requirements; Some companies require check-in online before entering the airport, while others allow check-in directly at the airport via terminals or check-in counters. GG Tours ApS cannot be held responsible for any extra cost that may arise in this regard.

GG Tours ApS will always try to inform and guide the Client the best possible way, however it is the Client’s sole responsibility to keep informed with and to comply with the terms and conditions laid out by the airline company in question.

5.5 When ordering additional travel services such as rental cars, transfers, ferry tickets, excursions, concert tickets or guided tours the same terms and conditions apply to the Client and GG Tours ApS

The Client must always comply with ID requirements laid out by the GG Tours ApS suppliers. When purchasing additional travel services the Client will always receive a voucher valid for the specific travel service. All instructions and requirements are specified on each voucher and through additional information provided by GG Tours ApS. When ordering car rentals all Clients additionally receive a document “terms for car rental”, where all terms and rules are specified.

On the booked destination, the Client can redeem his service and always must carry a valid voucher, necessary ID, and comply with all other requirements specified on the voucher and additional information provided by GG Tours ApS. GG Tours ApS cannot be held liable for any additional costs that may occur if these requirements are not meet by the Client.

5.6 GG Tours ApS always takes all necessary means to inform the Client if airline companies make changes on travel schedules, but the Client is responsible for keeping themselves updated and informed on any change in air traffic and departure times. This can be done via the departure airport website or by signing up for the airline’s SMS service and through GG Tours ApS website

5.7 All flight times on tickets and travel documents are listed with local times.

5.8 Flights must be used in the correct order. If the Client does not use the tickets in the correct order, the carrier may cancel the remaining flights. Therefore, the Client can not only use certain stretches of a flight.

5.9 Flight times indicated on the order are indicative and are subject to change.

6.0 Luggage rules can vary from trip to trip and from airline to airline. The Client is obliged to check and comply with all requirements laid out by the airline company in terms of, size and weight for carry-on and checked-in luggage through the specific airline’s website. Most GG Tours ApS’ flex travel product only include carry-on luggage, checked in luggage must be purchased additionally. For GG Tours ApS’ guided travel products one checked in luggage per couple is often included. On all GG Tours ApS’ tour products offered online it is always clearly specified which type and how much luggage is included.

In the event the Client is only carrying carry-on luggage; the Clients must follow the rules laid out by the European Commission (safety on board) –

GG Tours ApS can by no means be held liable if a Client fails to comply with the terms and rules laid out by the airline company or relevant Aviation authorities in question. Any claims, additional costs that may arise are fully and solely at the expense and responsibility of the Client.

6 1 After an order has been submitted by the Client and If the Client subsequently chooses to purchase additional services through other suppliers than GG Tours ApS, it is the Client’s sole responsibility and GG Tours ApS cannot be hold responsible for any claims or costs for products and services that has not been ordered directly through GG Tours ApS.

6.2 The Client Is solely responsible for carry on a valid passport, driving license and other ID requirements listed on the order confirmation and additional information provided by GG Tours ApS as well as comply with general rules laid out by national aviation authorities, including, if applicable, entry Visa to destinations outside EU and ESTA. In case of any doubts, the Client should take direct contact to the relevant embassy or consulate concerned. When ordering a trip through GG Tours ApS, the Client will be informed if any special rules are applicable to the specific destination in question. However, it is solely the Client’s responsibility to keep updated and comply with existing rules. Any claims, additional costs that may arise are fully and solely at the expense and responsibility of the Client.

6.3 For information about vaccinations, GG Tours ApS recommends that the Client takes contact to his/her family doctor or nearest Serum Institute. If the Client is not a Danish citizen, it is recommended that the Client contacts the Embassy or Consulate of the country in question. Any claims, additional costs that may arise are fully and solely at the expense and responsibility of the Client.

6.4 In the event the Client or the travel partner is pregnant, GG Tours ApS recommends that the Client contacts the airline to receive accurate instructions and rules. The rules may vary from airline to airline. Likewise, if the Client or Partner takes strong medicine, the Client should consult his or her doctor and the airline company in question. Any claims, additional costs that may arise are fully and solely at the expense and responsibility of the Client.

6.5 The Client must also comply with the terms applicable to any GG Tours ApS’ subcontractor/ partner providing services to the Client; such as hotels, airports, transfer partners, event organizers, guides etc. The Client must always act with respect to other travellers and partners on the destination. In severe cases, unfolding extreme inappropriate appearance and behavior, GG Tours ApS and partners can expel the Client and terminate all service and obligations. In such cases, the Client is solely responsible for his or her fellow travellers remaining stay. return transfer etc. and the Client is not entitled to receive any compensation or reimbursement.

6.6 If the Client fails to comply with laid out rules on ID, valid passports, entry visas or vaccinations requirements, correctly provided names on the travel documents, timely attendance and the general terms and conditions, the Client cannot raise any claim against GG Tours ApS or any subcontractor providing travel package services to the Client no matter the consequences, defects, genes or losses the Client may experience as a result thereof.


The Client may at any time purchase additional services to his order through his personal GG Tours ApS Client account. If the Client wishes to make changes to an existing product, such as name change of travellers, change travel periods, hotels etc., the Client must first seek acceptance from GG Tours ApS. GG Tours ApS will, if possible, conduct these changes at the expense of the Client. GG Tours ApS is not obligated to conduct or amend changes to an existing order, but will always seek to match the Client’s wishes the best possible way. If changes requested by the Client cannot be accomplished due to lack of hotel availability, increased flight prices, general high expenses to carry out the adjustment the change will be considered as a cancellation – cf. Section 6.2, and thus will be treated as a new order.


When ordering travel packages including flight and stays, the order is 100% no refundable, cf. 2§, No. 4 – the Consumer Agreement Act (Danish Forbrugeraftaleloven)

GG Tours ApS pays their suppliers soon after an order has been submitted by a Client at no-refundable prices and terms. For early bookings submitted 3 month or more prior to departure date only the deposit on 25% is not refundable.

Therefore, as a rule, we always recommend the Client to take out a cancellation insurance when ordering travel products through GG Tours ApS.

GG Tours ApS acts as an agent for Gouda Travel Insurance and we provide cancellation insurances as well as travel insurances as an additional service to our travel products.

When requesting a cancellation insurance, the Client is fully secured and covered in case of illness or any significant events affecting the Client or his or her nearest family in such a way that the Client is prevented to carry out his/her tour. More information on insurances is available at – practical information.

GG Tours ApS also recommends taking out a travel insurance particularly when travelling outside EU and ESTA. Inside EU, although the Health Insurance card (In Denmark the Blue Health Insurance Card) may cover medical consultation at public hospitals, it does not cover transportation to your home country, long-term hospitalization, dental treatment, theft, injuries, legal assistance, etc. More information on insurances is available om – practical information.

GG Tours ApS cannot be held liable for any damage, the Client or his or her fellow traveller/s may experience during their stay or any damage or harm the Client or fellow traveller/s may inflict on a third party during their stay.

7.2 In the event the Client cannot use his products and wish to transfer/re-sell his/her product to other side; GG Tours ApS should be consulted in reasonable time before tour commencement.

All costs for transferring the order are at the expense of the Client. Transfer of travel packages requires name change on all documents. Price and terms of change of name depend on the airline’s and other travel partners’ rules and prices, additionally GG Tours ApS will charge a fixed fee on DKK 350 per person.

Transfer of a product can only take place if the new traveller meets the conditions and requirements agreed upon the initial order agreement.

To transfer or re-sell a product to other side must be accepted by GG Tours ApS’ subcontractors.

In case the order can successfully be transferred/re-sold to another person, the Client and the person taking over the order are jointly and severally liable for payment of any remaining due balance or cost that may occur as a result thereof.


8.1 In the event GG Tours ApS must cancel or change a confirmed order or cannot complete the tour as agreed in the order specifications, the Client must be informed as soon as possible. GG Tours ApS reserves the right to change minor conditions without consulting the Client, such as offering another hotel with the same standard, location and quality or adjust the departure schedule with up to 6 hours without consulting the Client. Flight schedules listed online are always preliminary and can be subject to changes. Significant changes to an order are defined as follows; Change of travel period with more than one day, destination, hotel or room type is not available. Changes can be caused by wrongly listed prices, hotels, destinations, hotel and flight over-bookings. In such cases GG Tours ApS reserves the right to offer the Clients another product or cancel and refund the payment to the Client.

The Client has following options:

The Client can accept the new offer from GG Tours ApS

The Client can choose another tour of their own choice

The Client can cancel the agreement and get a full refund

GG Tours ApS must notify the Client within a reasonable period of time after any change has been detected. If the Client chooses to accept a product of higher value, the Client shall be charged for the extra value. On the other hand, if the package has less value, GG Tours ApS must refund the price difference to the Client.


GG Tours ApS reserves all rights to cancel any guided travel tour as a result of insufficient sign up for the tour. In the event GG Tours ApS cannot carry out a Guided travel tour, the Client will be offered a similar product or full refund.


9.1 GG Tours ApS may cancel any order due to force majeure caused by extreme climatic conditions, disasters, aviation or airline strikes, riots, epidemics, acts of war or similar conditions that make the tour non-executable. In case of aviation and airport strikes or similar minor conflicts that only affect the transport to the destination as such, but does not impose any threats or implications at the destination in question, GG Tours ApS reserves all rights to carry out the tour using other means of transport, if possible. In the event GG Tours ApS concludes that the tour cannot be justifiably carried out, GG Tours ApS will offer the Client a similar tour with a new period or alternatively a full refund. The Client is not entitled to claim any additional compensation.

In the event of announced flight changes or cancellations, the Client must always show up in the airport to witness on the spot if the flight can be carried out, is delayed or cancelled. In the event of force majeure, the Client must keep himself updated and informed through relevant information platforms and medias such as websites related to the airline and airport affected, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Serum Institute as well as GG Tours ApS’ website

9.2 The Client may cancel his order free of charge if within 14 days prior to the commencement of the tour has been identified acts of war, natural disasters, life-threatening and contagious diseases or other similar events on the destination in question or in the vicinity. In order to cancel under such circumstances, the event must be thoroughly identified, assessed and documented by authoritative organisations such as Ministry of Foreign Affairs, health authorities etc.

For round trips, the Client is only entitled to cancel the part of the package taking place in the affected area. However, if this area is considered to compose a significant part of total tour package, the Client is entitled to cancel the order completely and receive full refund.

However, the liability to cancel does not apply if the Client knew about the event when he submitted the order. Under such circumstances the Client cannot cancel free of charge and the general cancellation rules will prevail.


GG Tours ApS cannot be held liable for delays caused by third parties, including delayed flights (see section 10.2), traffic jams and queues, delays at border crossings, technical problems with buses, ferries or train and the like. Likewise, GG Tours ApS cannot be held liable for cancellation of booked concerts / operas and the like caused by unfortunate weather conditions, illness inflicted on the performers or orchestra taking place after the service has been ordered through GG Tours ApS.


10.1 If a defect is detected after the Client’s tour has commenced – the Client shall immediately inform GG Tours ApS on thereof, or a GG Tours ApS representative or partner on the destination (such as hotel front desk manager, guide etc.). The Client must always ensure that the complaint is noted and obtain a receipt. If the Client fails to follow above guide-lines, the right to subsequently seek compensations or claims against GG Tours ApS or GG Tours ApS’ partners will be lost.

10.2 For delays caused by airline companies, the general EU rule “Regulation Flight Compensation Regulation 261/2004” applies. The airline is obliged to compensate for delays of more than two hours and provide food stamps or compensate additional expenses for food.

GG Tours ApS can only help seeking compensation from the flight company if the Client can prove the delay, has been personally in contact with airline company in question, and can document additional expenses for food etc,. – read more on – practical information.